Sunday, 8 July 2007

First letter home...

Dearest family,

Since leaving you all, Cullyn and I have mostly been wandering the woodlands, not that there’s much else around, apart from hills…

It’s a shame we can’t stop a little more often to take pictures of the areas we travel through, beautiful as Syrtis is, but Cullyn usually ends up finding something else to bash around the head with his new wooden shield…

Will write again soon, must go, Cullyn’s spotted a beetle *roll eyes*


2 - Tour Guide Introduction

Ebany is an elven marksman, born and raised in the constantly warring realm of Syrtis. Cullyn is his friend, a half-elven knight, strong and silent (or possibly a tad thick).

Together they travel around the lush green realm of Syrtis, training to become part of the war that has torn the three realms of Regnum apart. Ignis, a desert land where our dark elven cousins live, and Alsius the icy realm with its dwarven race who covet control of the War Zone.

Being young and rather… um, na├»ve shall we say, they have been taking holiday snaps and writing letters to send back to their families since they left home in the hope of joining their brethren in the war zone, fighting for their realm.

These are the translations of those letters home…

1 - Disclaimers and Information

This is the tale of two lads and their travels around the realm of Syrtis.


We are not affiliated with NGA Studios in any way whatsoever, apart from playing their fab online MMORPG of course.

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The character names are courtesy of Katharine Kerr, they are taken from her Deverry series of novels and as such are her intellectual property, we just hope she doesn’t mind that we borrow them for use in RPG games as we’re such big fans of hers. :) Of course the characters described here are nothing like KK’s characters (they’re so good, you should go read Daggerspell, you won’t regret it).

You can find out more about Katharine and her Deverry novels here:

Now that all the legal bumph is taken care of, let me introduce you to our tour guides…